Organic Deep Steamed Tea Chiran [JAS]

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This year, we have created a safe and delicious organic deep steamed tea that you can enjoy with peace of mind.

One side of the area is a tea plantation.

On a sunny day, you can see Mt. Kaimon in the distance.It is an authentic organic deep steamed tea made by carefully finishing organic green tea grown in "Chiran Town", a famous tea production area in Southern Kyushu.

"I want to make safe and delicious green tea..." With that in mind, we purchase from farmers who are enthusiastic about organic cultivation in the land surrounded by tea fields in Chiran, and use the "Fukamushi method" to make delicious tea. I made.

[Organic JAS certified tea]

With the revision of the JAS Law in 1999, the Japanese Agricultural Standards (Organic JAS Standards) for organic agricultural products and organic processed foods were enacted.

Since then, labeling of "organic" or "organic" is prohibited unless the product is produced according to uniform standards.

Organically grown tea must not contain any chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers in the soil, and must be cultivated in fields that have been fertilized with compost for at least three years after the first harvest.

Sawadaen's organic deep steamed tea purchases organic JAS-certified organic green tea from the "Nurikokucha Factory".

Similarly, Sawadaen has been inspected every year and has been certified as organic JAS.

[Committed soil making]

At "Nurigi Tea Factory", we are particular about making soil in order to create a tea place that is resistant to insects and disasters.

In order to make tea with rich flavor, we use a special fertilizer called matured fermentation fertilizer (rice bran, rice husk, oil cake, and fish cake that are fermented and matured by microorganisms) to keep the soil healthy and fertile. By doing so, we grow a tea tree with strong roots.

The tea trees are plucked many times a year, so it is necessary to prepare the soil well, let the roots spread deep, absorb sufficient nutrients, and produce good buds.

[Deep steamed tea]

Deep steamed tea is the first process of making sencha from raw tea leaves, "steaming", which takes about 2 to 3 times longer than normal sencha.

Fukamushicha is steamed for a long time, and the amount of ingredients exuded from the tea leaves is greater than that of regular sencha, resulting in a deep, mellow and sweet taste, and a vivid color with a deep green color.

Due to the long steaming time, the tea leaves become finer and the cells of the tea leaves are destroyed more than normal tea.

When deep steamed tea is brewed, it contains a lot of fine floating matter, but this floating matter contains components such as carotene, vitamin E, and chlorophyll that are rarely contained in ordinary tea, so it is very healthy. It is also appreciated as a good tea.

Taking advantage of the experience we have cultivated over the last ten years, we continue to make organic fukamushi tea that pleases customers all over the country.

Organic Deep Steamed Tea from Sawadaen

Organic cultivation does not use chemical fertilizers, etc., so there is a higher risk in cultivation, and it is a tea that is made from natural sources by spending time and effort.

Every year, the production environment changes greatly due to climate change.

Under such circumstances, tea farmers are studying every day how to make delicious tea.

With confidence, we will deliver safe and secure Chiran organic deep steamed tea to everyone.

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