[Value for money] Sawadaen green tea (280g) [All-you-can-pack tea]

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Green tea from Sawadaen is very popular!

Sawadaen's green tea is a commercial version of Sawadaen's all-you-can-pack green tea bag.

It is a "cheap and delicious tea" that can be purchased only because it is a tea production area called Kagoshima Prefecture.

We will sell this in a bag that could only be sold in our hometown of Kagoshima Prefecture.

Please buy it at this opportunity.

Using high-quality tea leaves nurtured by the blessings of the sun and the earth, it is finished with high heat and has a delicious and easy-to-drink taste.

Enjoy the taste that you won't get tired of drinking every day.

[Delicious way to drink]

① Bring the water to a boil (remove bleaching powder).

② Pour hot water into the hot water only and cool the boiling water. (approximately 80°C)

③ Put the tea leaves (2 tablespoons lightly for 3 people) into the teapot, pour in the hot water that you cooled earlier, and wait for about 30 seconds.

④ Pour the hot water little by little evenly, and pour it to the last drop as much as possible. If you do this, the second brew will be delicious.

⑤ After the second infusion, pour hot water into the teapot without letting it cool down, and immediately pour the tea into the cup. Unlike the first infusion, the tea leaves are sufficiently steamed, so the tea will be served as soon as hot water is added. It is the same after the third brew. When the color of the hot water is no longer green, discard the used tea leaves and replace with new tea leaves. Then return to ①.

[Safe and easy chuck that does not require scissors]

Green tea from the popular series Sawadaen is easy to open and easy to store.

(1) Pull the knob on the left as you face it, and then lightly pull the knob to the right. Then the tea bag will open easily.

(2) After use, close the zipper and store it away from high temperature and humidity, paying attention to the smell. Then you can enjoy the delicious taste until the end.

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