Notice Concerning Specified Commercial Transactions

Fees other than the product price
Product price (including tax) + shipping charge (including tax) + cash on delivery fee (if you choose to pay cash on delivery) Shipping charge: A separate shipping charge will be added. Cash on delivery fee: A cash on delivery fee (330 yen per order) will be charged.
Expiration date of application
We will contact you by e-mail or phone at any time if the product is out of stock.
Sales quantity
We will contact you by e-mail, phone, or fax upon your inquiry.
Delivery deadline
Cash on delivery will be shipped within 7 days of order date by TA-Q-BIN. For payment by bank transfer, we will ship within 3 days after confirming receipt of payment. We will contact you by e-mail, phone, or fax for the exact number of days until delivery.
Payment Methods Credit card payment: Payment is confirmed at the time of product order. Cash on delivery (COD): Please pay the payment directly to the delivery person when the product is delivered to the customer's address.
Time of payment
Cash on delivery: Please pay directly to the delivery staff at the time of product delivery. Bank transfer: Please transfer the payment to the designated financial institution within 7 days after placing an order.
Time Limit for Returns
Please refrain from returning or exchanging items for any reason attributable to the customer. In the unlikely event of a defective product, we will replace it immediately.
Return shipping charges
In case of defective items or wrong items, we will bear the shipping cost. If it is the customer's convenience, we apologize, but please return the product at the customer's expense.
Store Name Sawadaen
Sales Manager Masayoshi Sawada
Distributor Ltd. 3-11 Minamiei, Kagoshima, Kagoshima 891-0122, JapanTea Sawadaen Head Office Phone Number: 099-268-1363FAX Number: 099-267-0353