【delicious! ] Matcha green tea with cold brew Sencha tea bag [5g x 50P]

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Sawadaen's "Mizudashi Sencha with Matcha", which uses sencha from Kagoshima Prefecture and matcha from Uji, Kyoto.

Cold tea tastes great in hot weather.

We recommend "Mizudashi Sencha" to prevent heatstroke in summer!

The harmony of the beautiful light blue color, green tea, and matcha is perfectly balanced, and anyone can easily and easily make "Mizudashi Sencha". Please try "Mizudashi Sencha with Matcha".

Easy and delicious! Sawadaen's "Mizudashi Sencha with Matcha"

Cold tea is now available all year round.

Tea is a healthy drink that should be enjoyed every day, so Sawada-en offers triangular tea bags that are convenient and easy to drink.

It's perfect for those who don't have time to make tea slowly, outdoors, or when traveling abroad!

Since it is put out with water, the color is very beautiful and it is difficult to discolor.

Of course, you can drink it hot and delicious.

Easy to make! Simply put water and a tea bag in a cold water pot and cool it in the refrigerator.

Sawadaen's "Mizudashi Sencha" is processed into 5g triangular tetra bags, which are made of nylon and are easier to extract than ordinary paper-type flat bags, and the tea dances inside and retains the original flavor of tea leaves. It's easier to taste.

Have a higher-grade water-brewed sencha!

Sawadaen's "Mizudashi Sencha with Matcha" uses sencha from Kagoshima Prefecture and matcha from Uji, Kyoto. You can drink delicious tea easily and easily.

There should be many people who carry their own bottles now, such as at work and school!

Therefore, Sawadaen's "Mizudashi Sencha with Matcha" can be enjoyed as a slightly higher-grade cold brewed sencha.

Tea contains no sugar and is rich in vitamins C and E, amino acids and catechins that refresh the mind and body.

Vitamins have a high skin beautifying effect, and they also have the effect of relieving stress, preventing colds, and preventing aging, so they are perfect for keeping a healthy body forever.

In the summer, you can enjoy cold tea with cold water, and in the winter, when you want to warm your body, you can make it delicious by boiling it.

Once you drink it, it becomes a habit! Please try Sawadaen's "Mizudashi Sencha with Matcha".

Triangular tea bag cold-brew sencha that is easy to use and comes out well when you are busy.

It features a very beautiful green cup color produced by sencha and deep steamed tea from Kagoshima Prefecture and matcha ordered from Kyoto.

It's easy to make just by putting tea bags in a cold water bottle, so even children can make it with confidence.

The feature is that anyone can easily enjoy delicious tea.

Please try Sawadaen's [Sencha with matcha water] that is recommended for everyone from children to the elderly.

I recommend it with confidence.

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